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A Shortaj of Clips – Dane and Taj in LA

You probably saw the story next to this one on our homepage, called Two Lousy Days In LA With Dane Reynolds And Taj Burrow. It was a photo essay, of sorts, photographed by Morgan Maassen. Now, here’s what was filmed on the day. There was a shortage of footage, according to Dane, but after watching this clip, we respectfully disagree. Luckily, after a re-watch, Dane changed his mind and posted the clip on his site, Summer Teeth, with these words:

“i tried really hard to come up with something sweet that cleverly used the name taj, but i think they’re all used up. i considered ‘hostaj’ but no, at least ‘shortaj’ makes sense cause the video’s a little chinsy on clips.

taj was in california for the us open, and i warned him that the waves were going to be bad, that we should probably try to shoot in orange county for this stab thing, but he ignored my warnings and drove up. it was really bad. the footage doesn’t show you the half hour lulls. when he walked down the beach the groms started arguing about if it was really him. then he paddled out and they shot silent glances back and forth when he got close enough to be certain. it was a fun day, but we decided to head to lowers to finish the stab thing. taj got some sick ones but they got posted on the internet like 2 days later. bleh. so i told stab we didn’t have enough for a video. i saw the stab article so i re-watched the video and it’s actually not so bad. the song is sweet. it’s ‘fit and working again’ from the fall.”

  • Papi

    Ya Taj looking good

  • Spitball

    Super fun clip. If that doesn’t make you want to go for a surf there is something dead in your soul

    • trewf

      Super fun clip?

      • Arthur

        Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

  • Gery Niselman

    sick airs … love those two super freaks :)

  • hh

    cool video. i really liked it, but tiago pires can do a lot better

    • Tiago Pires


    • portuguese tiger

      your not funny anymore and never was

      • tiago

        How can it have never been funny yet isn’t funny ‘anymore’. But as a perpetrator of early successful Tiago jokes, its being used way too much now.

  • grinning

    ha dane makes it sound like it’s a task to do shit for you guys.. thats how far you’ve fallen :)

    • STABmag

      The relentlessness of it all! We can’t win for losing! We thought christmas was a time for giving!

  • mike

    cute play on words for the title. You guys are so creative

  • Pierpont Kooks

    That’s Dredge in Ventura not LA.

  • robbieBDP


  • moist apple

    shit Taj was surfing good

  • thommo

    fuck taj

  • Sir Chimp A Lot

    I had a similar experience. I was at uppers on a cold, wintery, somewhat rainy day and there were only about 10 dudes out. Some taj looking imposter comes paddling out and I was looking at him like he was a taj wanna-be. On his first wave I just see him pumping really hard and he never got through the foam to the shoulder. Then I see the take Taj paddle for another wave and I’m watching from behind….all is chilled….then about 30 feet down the line on the same wave I see him pop out the back like a great white hitting a seal….rotation…lip smash….lip smash….spray…..spray…..spray….Oh yes Taj was in town the day….

  • thank you very much

    Dane, Daaaane, ooooh, Daaaaaaaaneeee, ooooooh…(…) … mmmh, that’s better now…

  • staba claus

    that was the worst interview ever and a average clip to guys are so far up these guys rings you cant see past the hot loads “holiday mode stab ” just put in your eyes..

  • blba

    any human, horse .. you know.. play.. nude.. 2 men .. horse..

  • samuel tucker

    I own that board Taj is surfing in this clip, Would anyone pay good money for it??

  • Nicktoews

    Efff I’m such a foil

    • Nicktoews

      Your a fag brah

  • Nicktoews

    So any Fukien. Cooks deepin. My ass right now!!!

  • Nicktoews

    Hella buddy aka

  • seathew

    So funny..Taj Grogans and then blows up…Star Bucks Huge Breakfast…HA! Yew…best team eva…Dane..Taj! Fark YaR!

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