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21Days – Parko/Fanning (episode two)

The Quiksilver Pro, Snapper Rocks, gets closer and closer, and Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson can feel it looming. The surfing world’s collective shoulders tighten and even Snapper itself can feel the heat coming.

Mick and Joel, well and truly outta holiday mode now and deep into prep are as ready for the first event of the year as they’ll ever be. While Joel would never begrudge his media commitments (everyone wants a piece of you when you’re a world champ), he’s itching to get started on the year and get back into his competitve rhythm. Mick is focused as ever on training, building cardio and confidence in equal measures, using his love of challenges as motivation to push it.

With Joel the immovable object, and Mick the unstoppable force, episode two of 21Days documents another step towards impact.

  • clive

    red balls

    • scrapbook

      fucking miss the old sarge days. what has happened?

  • daryl

    save kirra

  • noel

    sea bass is chat – bring back davo

  • mark

    don’t reckon kelly’s doing these chat red balls shows
    he’ll smoke em come march

  • mark

    mark waugh on the tele at the bondi pavilion.. nah surfin’ won’t never sell out

  • aftermark

    gotta respect the training and the commitment to always get better. for some of these guys 50 is going to be the new 30. surfing at a high level for an extra twenty years.

    so that means i’ll be able to do my lame little backside hits for another seventeen years! yew

  • barnabey

    Mick and Parko = 4 testicles worth their weight in gold.

  • power couple

    Adriano + Alana = adri-anal

  • Joker

    Why so serious?

  • brux

    yeah dino!!

  • warney

    has anyone noticed the hair loss on parko scone

    • Jon

      Hair loss, it seems, comes with a world title – imagine what you would look like if you won 11 of them???

      • truth

        You can avoid rapid hair loss = Vitamin E, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, and Zinc Supplements.
        Shampoo = Jason – Thin to Thick
        Wear a cap in a swimming pool.
        Towel dry hair.

        Hope this helps.

    • getoverit

      Really? who cares mate?? P.s, no I have hair…

      • Milhouse

        No one with hair would say that.

    • Hairclub for Men

      Same as it always is

  • headintheclouds.

    How come it took 2 poms and an energy drink with it’s HQ in Austria to come up with one of the most relevant and interesting takes on surfings world tour?

  • qualest surf tv production yet

    wtf 19 minutes passed

  • Spitball

    Really good.

  • Spitball

    But imagine Dane and wilko made the final at snapper?

    • Not gonna happen

      Yeah imagine and keep imagining.

      • yeah guy

        you’re totally right Dane doesn’t train hard enough to do the angriest hack anybody has seen in a surf contest in the last fifteen years. can’t understand why surfers want to be “athletes” so fuckin bad. is it so their trainer buddies can follow em around on tour as a tax writeoff?

  • gabby

    JJ + Sofia = Adriano

  • Head Rush

    where can I get ando’s ripped pants?

  • @jadsonandre

    follow me on instagram

  • GH

    Prediction: Glen Hall for the win

    • U never know

      Mick Lowe beat andy in his prime so I suppose anythings possible

  • jb

    can we compare this version with john john’s preparation slaying bitches and getting kegged at backdoor? or dane’s version watching his girlfriend take weird photos of their dogs?

  • surfcheck

    i am going to fall asleep

  • t-dawg

    what kind of boardshorts is joels coach wearing?

  • keep it real. yo.

    hahah yanks bullshit mixed with aussie accent. it seems to highlight the bullshit nature of yanky styled tv huh??

  • scorpion

    I will be at this event carrying Mick’s medicine balls. In one hand, I will be following up-to-the-minute tweets of Jack and Alana and in the other hand I will be holding the medicine balls. I will be wearing a 21 days t shirt and )(urley phantoms with some Sanuks. Before the event, I will have very tight jeans on with a flannel nodding my head at the line up as I “monitor the conditions.” Somebody has to look they know what their doing.

  • ghandi

    “the monkey is off my back” = racist comment

  • bill

    Boring shit , like there surfing!

    • Face reality

      Shut up stupid fucken brazzo and it’s “their” surfing, and their surfing is nothing short of incredible.

  • Lee Travino

    Meanwhile Kelly is golfing…

  • 2013


  • Raven Lundy

    None of this matters because DONE just came out and JJF is LeBron to Kelly’s MJ.

    • Jj a bit overhyped

      Yeah and Lebron will never ever be as good as mj .

  • truth

    Parko just won Surfest – last 2 from 2.Hes not done yet hes just got the taste for it

    • yet

      Parko was just given the surfest title, gimme a break, it’s not even judging! It gives an interesting insight of how good the judging will be! Wilson is semi was more than spanked by Muniz, but with the same score. Just create an aussie surfing league!

      • Truth

        is that you Mulder.. hahaha

        so its clear you think Muniz won the final?

  • wozzle

    Imagine danes surfing if he trained like that

    • Yoko ono

      Dane’s style would probably take a nose-dive if he trained like that.

  • fooosh

    This series would be a lot better if Dingo was still on the WT and a title contender. The Cooly crew battling it out.

  • unlikely

    It would be funny if Mick & Joel bombed out in the 2nd round and Dane ended up winning the event, who never trains for shit

  • johnny appleseed

    Both will lose in Round 3.

  • reality

    Dane Reynolds 21 days: drink for twenty, surf one day.

  • Mutt

    The worst thing about this video is that there is going to be another one.

  • leftover pubic hair on the keyboard

    So much dramatics, both will be trying to figure out what Kelly, JJF, Dane, Kerr, and Taj are doing.
    You can swim and run all you want and do some bodybuilding, but its not going to win you a heat. Hopefully, the series can focus on the mental game, diet, and surfing.

    • yeah guy

      yeah, dying to know about the ultimate surf diet. are you serious with that shit?

      • pube

        yes, i am … why?

  • L

    Great series. Looking forward to the next one. And the rest through the year.

    • Amigo

      L we all know that’s you Egan … Wipe Parko’s jizz off your face you’ve been off the payroll for years.

      • L

        No mate – not Luke Egan. Just someone who appreciates the hard work of a lot of people who bring me this insightful series for $0.

        All I have to do is sit through a few logos and I get to see two of the world’s best surfers prepping for a year of competition. I might even take away a few pointers for my own surf fitness.

        I’m just sitting here at work (not surf industry related) and it gets delivered to me for free. What’s there to hate about that? Sheesh. Some people are herd to please.

        • truth

          well said buddy -good perspective

        • yeah guy

          “i might even take away a few pointers for my own surf fitness” there’s still a little jizz on your chin dude.

  • gone with the wind

    Look for a major injury to occur in 2013.

  • samson

    Anyone else sick of the constant spruiking of energy drinks? That shit is poison. It’s like the gambling sites and the footy. I saw a fat teenage kid on the ferry this morning sucking down one of those huge mother drinks at 7.30am. This shit was designed to get you wasted at full moon parties and get you through the last hour of work when you’re hungover. These guys have a lot to answer for

    • jimminy cricket

      let him drink it, look like a bloated mule, and croak within a few years.
      sometimes, its best to allow a certain amount of the population to die.
      for those that are clutching onto dear life by massive consumption, let them live with their choices. same with alcohol and cigarettes. no need to take the drinks away, but let them suck it up and suffer the consequences.

  • free your testicles

    what is up with ando looking like a homeless bogan?
    dude could be one of those little troll dolls with the pink hair.

  • truth

    eveythings grunge again dade get wit the program its Cobain on a surfboard man

    • Spitball

      There’s a huge difference between competitive surfing and free surfing. To win a world title is only about fifty percent freakish talent and fifty percent desire, experience, tactics, training, travel skills, learning how to peak for events, etc. Look how well adriano has done with far less talent than Owen, jordy, Dane, Julian or even kerrzy. So kelly, mick and Joel can keep winning titles as dinosaurs until the young guys get it sorted. Owen is the only one ready to join the club at this point. Although JF might actually win on raw talent and change the game.

  • $

    Dumbing it down for the plebs.

  • Inspired

    Mick is a fucken champ I don’t even know him but I’d seriously take a bullet for him. The world needs him so much more than it needs me . Parko seems like he would punch me in the face if I tried to talk to him but I still love him too. Fuckup haters these guys are gold.

    • ?

      Take a bullet for him ? Can you fanatic surf psycho…

  • geo technical consultant

    2 dinosaurs that will go extinct after 2013.

    • ha i say


    • Inspired

      Don’t think so geo technical fuckwit parko is staring down the barrel of 2 in row . Hell, Maybe 3 or 4 . Over and out.

      • land of the lost

        Inspired by????….. dinosaurs.

  • ada2s

    wtf no one noticed him getting the beer ripped out of his hand? whats up with that? world champ cant enjoy a beer while facing awkward appearance commitments?

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